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What is PACT?


What is the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT)?
The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) began implementation of the patient centered medical home model (PCMH), now known as PACT (Patient Aligned Care Team), in the beginning of FY10. The overall goal of the initiative is to transform the VA health care delivery system to one providing more patient-centric care. As primary care is the foundation of VHA healthcare, the transformation begins with primary care and permeates other areas of the healthcare delivery system to include specialty care, women’s health care, geriatrics, and academic training programs.  Long-term goals of the initiative are:
   to provide superb access to primary care (including alternatives to face-to-face care) to meet Veteran needs and expectations;
   to provide seamless coordination of care between VA providers and with non-VA providers;
   to demonstrate a patient-centered culture through the redesign of primary care practices and team roles.

PACT focuses on:  
   partnerships with Veterans
   access to care using diverse methods
   coordinated care among team members
   team-based care, with Veterans at the center of their PACT

In the Patient Aligned Care Team, each Veteran works together with health care professionals to plan for whole-person care and life-long health and wellness. The care team considers all aspects of patient health, with an emphasis on prevention and health promotion. Care is coordinated through collaboration. All members of the team have clearly defined roles with a focus on forging trusted personal relationships; the result is coordination of all aspects of health care. PACT uses a team-based approach. The patient is the center of the care team that includes family members, caregivers, and health care professionals—a primary care provider, nurse care manager, clinical associate, and administrative clerk. When other services are needed to meet patient goals and needs, the PACT oversees and coordinates that care.